I'm curious being an x Gulf war 1 fed to the hilt with NAPS tablets every 8 hours a day for 3 months as well as all the other jabs shoved in my body along with them.

What were personnel mislead with in relation to vaccinations this time??????....especially given the hot topic of GW syndrome.

I remember the crap we were fed with at the time and gullible old me believed in regards of no side effects, yet given the amount of sick ex service personnel who have since suffered I am somewhat sceptical !!

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This is a very difficult topic. Some people who took the jabs, naps etc are fine, others not. Some people put the GW Syndrome down to the depleted uranium in the weapons fired but I think the majority claim jabs etc is to blame.
In the official enquiry just recently a doctor appointed by MOD (who actually works with US Army) said that the vast majority of ex service types in the UK complaining of GWS were out of condition, lazy and obese! Whether that was to do with the syndrome or that was just there general condition he didn't say. With the amount of money in compensation riding on a syndrome confirmation I cannot see it being acknowledged - with all the attendant hurt and sickness that will follow.
Down to money

Yeh your right Zofo, unfortunately as far as Uk forces are concerned I cannot see any British Goverment accepting GWS until the evidence is over whelming. Which will probebly be light years in the future and the majority of souls who have suffered will be long gone anyway.......bloody typical again all down to money !!!! :x
After 50 years we've only just managed to get Tabacco companies to agree that nicotine is addictive and smoking causes fatal illnesses. So I think we're a long way from getting to the bottom of GWS. Even if there was liability it would be tied up in appeals and claims for years in court.
Hmm I had NAPS and BAPS tablets and numerous jabs, some of which I had idea what they were. I remember having Anthrax jabs x 2 in close succesion to each other and later found out that the time between the jabs should have been longer.
I consider myself to be in fairly good order and cant think of any unusual ailments as a result of the medications.
I do remember feeling pretty sick after my Anthrax jabs though.

My wife thinks Im a raving Looney though laugh;