Movie / TV Midway the remake filming start this month

Great cast in the 70's one though.

Robert Mitchum
Henry Fonda
Charlton Heston
Toshiro Mifune
Glen Ford
Hal Holbrook
Pat Morita
Robert Wagner
Cliff Robertson
Tom Selleck
Robert Ito
Dabny Coleman
Christopher George

Then again, it did have Erik Estrada too...
I hope it's a better version than the first one, that was atrocious ;)

With the "excellent" review on Rotten Tomatoes he got, I don't expect anything good from Emmerich

The one by John ford 1942 is a real good one, no actor, no script and the director was wounded by the Japanese during the making.

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The 70s made film is quality . and the quality soundtrack as well ...