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Feb 22, 2006
I think it is incumbent on all people in a position of public service, especially those elected officials in our national government, to keep from making inflammatory statements about the incident at Haditha. I personally believe that the conduct of Representative John Murtha, a former Marine and highly decorated Vietnam veteran, is reprehensible. He has been briefed on the Haditha incident by the USMC Commandant, no less, and I'm sure Murtha has violated his confidence and trust, by his public statements against the USMC and the Bush administration. Political expediancy before honor and tradition and loyalty to the Corps, is beyond my understanding. As General Hagee has stated, the investigation, when complete, will be made public and if wrong-doing is substaniated, those responsible will be punished.
This article by Michelle Malkin, a syndicated columnist, says what I believe about Haditha.
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May 31, 2006
by Michelle Malkin

Democrat Rep. John "Cut and Run" Murtha thinks he knows the truth about Haditha -- and he has been blabbing it to every last cable show host that will host him. The loose-lipped former Marine has accused troops of wantonly killing some two dozen civilians, including children, "in cold blood" in the terrorist stronghold in Iraq last November. There are two ongoing military investigations into the incident itself and the actions of higher-ups in the Haditha aftermath.

Let me repeat that: The investigations are ongoing. Not complete. Official reports aren't expected for several weeks.
I do not know the truth about Haditha. Neither do Murtha and the media outlets calling the alleged massacre a massacre before all the facts are in. It would be helpful if they could handle these grave charges without serving as al Jazeera satellite offices. GOP Sen. John Warner, who like Murtha also served in the Marines, struck the right tone over the weekend -- refusing, unlike Murtha, to render a verdict against the Marines before trial and avoiding Bush Derangement Syndrome, but also taking the allegations very seriously.
I do know this. Children are dead. Other children have been orphaned. There are pictures of bullet holes and bloodied homes. There are evolving stories about what happened last Nov. 19 and serious allegations of a possible cover-up.

I also know this: Lance Cpl. Miguel Terrazas, the Marine who was killed by a roadside IED (improvised explosive device) that day, followed a proud family tradition of military service. He had received a commendation for bravery on his first tour of duty in Iraq in 2004. One of his fellow Marines said Terrazas's body was split in two by the bomb explosion that rocked his Hummer while on patrol that morning.

And there's this: Haditha is crawling with terrorists. The Associated Press points out that "in just three days last August, six Marine snipers were killed in Haditha and 14 Marines died in nearby Parwana in the deadliest roadside bombing of the war. Most-wanted al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is reported to have lived in Haditha. The Washington Post quoted a military lawyer noting that Nov. 19 was the Marine 3rd Battalion's "hottest day" in Iraq.
"In addition to drone surveillance that day," the paper reported, " AV-8 Harriers were dropping bombs, helicopters were evacuating wounded, and a large firefight occurred about one-third of a mile from the site of the civilian shootings, said several people familiar with the investigation. " Audio of radio traffic that day reportedly contradicts Rep. Murtha's claim that the Marines did not come under small-arms fire after the roadside explosion, according to one of the Post's military sources.
We know this, too: Naval Crimminal Investigative Service officials have not turned their backs. Time magazine, which initially broke the story of survivors' accounts that prompted the military probe, reports that Haditha residents -- who have yet to be visited by any of Iraq's own officials -- "were gratified by [the investigation's] thoroughness" and "were especially impressed by the NCIS investigator" conducting three seperate enquires.
Finally, there is this incontrovertible fact: There are countless numbers of anti-war zealots on the American Left rooting for failure. They believe the worst about the troops. They've blindly embraced frauds who've lied about their military service and lied about war-time atrocities. They've allied themselves with socialist kooks and coddled murderous dictators. They are looking for any excuse to pull out, abandon military operations and reconstruction, and impeach the President.
They insist on giving suspected foreign terrorists more benefit of the doubt than our own men and women in uniform. And that, I know, I am not willing to do.
I will wait. I will pray. And I will remind you that while the murder of civilians is and remains an anomaly in American military history, it is the jihadists' way of life.
This type of person is one that goes about shouting, “I want you to defend my liberties, but if you get killed, it’s your own fault and should you kill in
self-defence, I’ll have you charged with murder.

Their final statement being “What, me do it! Not bloody likely.”

John A Silkstone said:
This type of person is one that goes about shouting, “I want you to defend my liberties, but if you get killed, it’s your own fault and should you kill in
self-defence, I’ll have you charged with murder.

Their final statement being “What, me do it! Not bloody likely.”


Sounds like our great and glorious politicians in UK - as to the so called "atrocity", let's wait and see.
I get the very uneasy feeling that the same tactics that were used against us (Viet Nam vets) are being used against the kids in Iraq. Oppose the war all you want (I am opposed, but I keep my pie hole shut), but keep your mouth off the vets.
As a side note, if the charges are proved true, all involved should be put away, including any who covered it up.