A Moment in Time, 1967


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Feb 22, 2006
Captive U.S. Pilots Paraded in Hanoi

Moscow, Sunday -- Captured American pilots were yesterday paraded before angry North Vietnamese crowds in Hanoi.
The Soviet news agency, Tass, said the airmen were made prisoner on Friday after parachuting from their crippled jets near the capital.
Tass did not say how many pilots were paraded, but named three.
The agency quoted a Hanoi military spokesman as saying the Press conference was called to show the "shameful defeat" of the Americans.
In South Vietnam one U.S. Marine was killed and six wounded when North Vietnamese troops shelled Hill 881 with mortars.
The Marines captured the strategic hill on Friday after several day's fighting in one of the war's most savage battles.
In three helicopter crashes over South Vietnam yesterday, 12 Americans and 20 Government troops were killed.
The North Vietnamese news agency claimed two U.S. planes were shot down over North Vietnam yesterday.

* the above article is from the newspaper, Daily Telegraph and Daily News, published Monday, May 8, 1967 in Sydney, Australia