the rifles

  1. Aiden Howell

    Aiden Howell

  2. Aiden HOWELL

    Aiden HOWELL

  3. Aiden HOWELL  Memorial Tree

    Aiden HOWELL Memorial Tree

  4. Nathan Bradley LONG

    Nathan Bradley LONG

  5. Nathan Bradley LONG.

    Nathan Bradley LONG.

  6. Sheldon Lee Jordan STEEL(E)

    Sheldon Lee Jordan STEEL(E)

  7. Martin LAMB

    Martin LAMB

  8. Mark PALIN

    Mark PALIN

  9. Kevin FORTUNA

    Kevin FORTUNA

  10. Jon McKINLEY

    Jon McKINLEY

  11. Joe


  12. Joe KIA 10.7.09

    Joe KIA 10.7.09

  13. James Richard Kenneth BACKHOUSE

    James Richard Kenneth BACKHOUSE

  14. Dan CLACK

    Dan CLACK

  15. Andrew CHESTERMAN


  16. Josh HOOLE

    Josh HOOLE

  17. James HARRIS

    James HARRIS

  18. McFADZEAN William Frederick (Bill)  V.C.

    McFADZEAN William Frederick (Bill) V.C.

  19. Royal Ulster Rifles emblem

    Royal Ulster Rifles emblem

    This memorial window is in Belfast City Hall
  20. Painting depicting the attack on the Somme

    Painting depicting the attack on the Somme

    Painting which is hung in the West corridor of the Belfast City Hall. Depicts the attack by the Ulster Division at the Battle of the Somme 1st July 1916. The soldier wearing short khaki trousers was Lieutenant, Francis Bodenham Thorley. It is believed that he was the only officer to carry a...