polish air force

  1. TS-8 Bies

    TS-8 Bies

  2. mi-24


    mi24 from 49 psb pruszcz gdanski its from goraszka air show. this picture is one of my favorite...
  3. Lim-5


    Lim-5 Polish version of MiG-17 preserved as advertisement one of bar. Photo by me
  4. Lim-5R


    Lim-5R Polish version MiG-17F
  5. PZL P-11C

    PZL P-11C

    The PZL P.11c on display participated in the September 1939 hostilities and this machine belonged to the 121st Fighter Squadron of the 2nd Air Regiment based at Rakowice - exactly the place taken over by the museum in 1964 This was first allied fighter who was shoot down German plane during WWII
  6. Member's Polish Areobatic team "Orlik"

    Member's Polish Areobatic team "Orlik"

    The line-up of the team in 1998 (from the left): Capt. Janusz Borkowski (the leader), Maj. Andrzej Sowa (solo), Capt. Dariusz Stanczyk (solo), Capt. Artur Bielas (left wingman), Capt. Zbigniew Kosterna (right wingman), Lt-Col. Ireneusz Fibinger (air controller).I have permission to use this...