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    archaeology Iron age warriors in Danish bog (ALKEN ENGE)

    A short version of the (new) Danish archaeological report on the ALKEN ENGE finds. Just a few points taken from: “De draebte krigere I Alken Enge” by Mette Loevschal. In the first century AD, 80+ people, mostly men and boys were cut down, left on some battlefield for a year, and then...
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    archaeology Military & Non Military Archaeology

    This is a new thread / Forum and something I am interested in. I hope you all find this a useful forum and look forward to your posts :)

    GMW Archeaeology and Rehabilitation:Breaking Ground Heritage

    Not a lot to say about this charity site that helps ex military so I just give one link. I am sure inspired searches will take you onto different websites and more details and reports.
  4. Wahooooo my first decent find, a blank .303 round.

    Wahooooo my first decent find, a blank .303 round.

  5. Wahooooo my first decent find, a blank .303 round.

    Wahooooo my first decent find, a blank .303 round.

  6. Wahooooo my first decent find, a blank .303 round.

    Wahooooo my first decent find, a blank .303 round.

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  9. ww2 military archeology - YouTube

    ww2 military archeology - YouTube

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    Mil News German WW1 Sub found with all souls on board

    A German First World War U-boat has been found off the Belgian coast almost totally intact and with the bodies of all 23 sailors onboard. The U-Boat II was found lying on its starboard side at the bottom of the North Sea at a depth of 27 metres, close to the coastal resort of Ostend. At this...
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    Photos Highball Bouncing bomb

    The Highball bouncing bomb was a secret experiment by the Royal Navy in April 1944 to test a variant of the bouncing bomb devised by Barnes Wallis and used by the Royal Air Force in the famous April 1943 'Dambusters' raid. The Royal navy were testing the variant to use against ships and in...
  12. German Mortars Ww2 - Eastern Front

    German Mortars Ww2 - Eastern Front

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    Mil News Bouncing Bombs to be recovered

    A team of divers from the British Sub-Aqua Club are planning for an underwater mission to recover two historic Highball bouncing bombs More than 200 of the spherical shaped bombs, codenamed Highball by the military, were tested at Loch Striven, Scotland, but were never used. The recovered...
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    Photos Tanks & Things Swallowed By Nature

    Incredible pictures here Yes, I read Boredpanda... occasionally. So what?
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    Other Post Battlefield Archaeology

    Really interested in this topic. Battlefield sites provide rich seams of frozen history: skeletal remains, weaponry, artefacts and ammunition can bring skirmishes and conflict vividly back to life, and sometimes revise accepted views of history. Military archaeologists Neil Oliver and Tony...
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