1. Unknowncommando

    Photos Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Firearms

    Indian Army PARA (SF) GTAR-21 (Grenadier Tavor) with MKEK T40 Grenade Launcher & ITL Multi Aiming Reflex Sight (MARS)
  2. ao_sepia

    Question? why israel cancelled galil?

    used better than m-16 in desert,but israel cancelled,used in 80-90's,shortest in service.
  3. ao_sepia

    Other Post compare 7.62x39r assault rifles and variants

    1.sks (old type carbine and new type modified to assaault rifle) vs ak-47 2.ak-47 vs vz-58 3.ak-47 vs type-81 4.valmet vs galil vs r-4/5 etc
  4. ao_sepia

    Question? Is AK-,Galil,Valmet,R4/5 used spare parts together?

    Is AK-,Galil,Valmet,R4/5 used spare parts together? ❓
  5. ao_sepia

    Question? assault rifle magazine is the best?

    assault rifle magazines is best in this era.stanag mag,HK-33/Cetme mag,Famas mag,G-36/SIG mag,Steyr mag,Galil mag,etc is durable,cheap,light,etc
  6. Platoon 13, Oscar Company, 1st South African Infantry Bn

    Platoon 13, Oscar Company, 1st South African Infantry Bn

    This photo was taken during basic training in 1SAI Bn. in March 1988. That's me on the far right, throwing the photographer (our Corporal) a toffee. The Big guy on the left was a real animal and very useful to have around when the going got tough.
  7. South African Infantry gear

    South African Infantry gear

    This picture shows the original South African Defence Force tactical load bearing vest (Gevegsbaadjie). This battle jacket was developed in South Africa in the 1980's, and was subsequently adopted by armies world-wide. The helmet is a standard issue kevlar helmet with peaked "Nutria&quot...
  8. R4 assault rifle

    R4 assault rifle

    The R4, a standard issue for all soldiers, is a South African assault rifle with a folding stock and 5.56mm calibre. It was developed in 1980 to replace the aging R1 (a variation of the FN FAL). This weapon first saw active service in South West Africa (Namibia) and in raids into Angola and...
  9. Galil ARM 5.56mm

    Galil ARM 5.56mm

    Galil ARM 5.56mm Israel