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  1. Army Chef - Know Your Enemy

    Army Chef - Know Your Enemy

  2. AAR Galileo

    Funny The duffleblog - Satirical fake army news

    Only fake funny news. Don't take it for true.
  3. D

    Funny Funny pictures & Video

    Hope this makes someone laugh!!:):)
  4. AAR Galileo

    Movie / TV Commando Ninja trailer

    I am really sorry to post this but it's so funny :)
  5. Herc15

    Funny whorehouse

    Did you hear about the dyslexic pimp who bought himself a warehouse? This joke is the property of the National Dyslexic Association. All rights reversed.
  6. Gunners are Like...

    Gunners are Like...

  7. 0000.pic6


    It's from the French & Indian war so it's legit here. ;^)
  8. Funny Russian Military Dog

    Funny Russian Military Dog

  9. Bombardier

    Video Old soldiers take on recruitment age

  10. Aircraft drop tank car

    Aircraft drop tank car

  11. Funny 2

    Funny 2

  12. Join The British Army

    Join The British Army

  13. EOD Nappy Changer

    EOD Nappy Changer

  14. Zamazingo

    Video Funny Army Fails Compilation

  15. Bad Gas

    Bad Gas

  16. A Ladybird book the sailor and his love for seamen

    A Ladybird book the sailor and his love for seamen

  17. 0000.pic7


  18. Christmas In Chechnya

    Christmas In Chechnya

  19. If NASA Needs Money

    If NASA Needs Money

  20. T80