Confederate AirForce C-47 "Spooky" Vietnam era USAF Gunship .Six C-47s served as designed and also as the first gunship in Vietnam 1961.The AC-47 or "Puff the Magic Dragon," which was fitted with 3 -7.62 mm GE mini-guns. These weapons fired up to 6,000 rounds per minute and the aircraft carried 54,000 rounds .They could put down a grid pattern of fire (cone of fire) , with a bullet hitting every 12 inches in all directions.The AC-47 brought down on VC attackers one night, was later reported that visual effect of the tracers, one in every five rounds (20 per second), gave the appearance of Dragon's breath. They also tied the roar of the guns into the description, (Captured VC documents later told of orders not to attack the Dragon, as weapons are useless and it will only infuriate the monster.) From 1964 to 1969, the AC-47s successfully defended 3,926 hamlets, outposts and forts. They fired over 97 million rounds and killed over 5,300 enemy soldiers. No outpost or village under gunship protection was ever lost to the enemy.

It was good enough to pull John Wayne's fat out of the fire in the movie "The Green Beret's" the only Vietnam War movie made during the actual war.

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