1. "Spooky"


    Confederate AirForce C-47 "Spooky" Vietnam era USAF Gunship .Six C-47s served as designed and also as the first gunship in Vietnam 1961.The AC-47 or "Puff the Magic Dragon," which was fitted with 3 -7.62 mm GE mini-guns. These weapons fired up to 6,000 rounds per minute and...
  2. Tora Tora Tora air show

    Tora Tora Tora air show

    DC-3/C-47 Vietnam era gunship "Spooky". You may remember it from a scene in the movie "THE GREEN BERET'S" with John Wayne. This model carries 3 General Electric mini-guns.It could put one bullet every 12inches in every derection, not alot of places to hide.