The Spiteful and Naval version named Seafang were the ultimate derivatives of the Spitfire. These planes were under development during WWII but were not ready for service before the war ended. They were brand-new designs with lots of Spitfire influence. Important innovations included laminar flow wings, low-drag wide/slim radiators under the wings, and wide-track inwardly retracting landing gear. The plane first flew in June 1944, but crashed soon after that flight, setting the program back. Only a small number were built, first equipped with single propeller Griffon 65's, soon upgraded to 85 contra-rotating propellers, and finally the ultimate 100 series Griffon. A 100 series equipped Spiteful XVI was able to achieve a level speed in full combat trim of 494 Mph

The type 383 Seafang was designed to specification n.5/45 as a naval use Spiteful which was itself based on the Spitfire Mk XIV with a new laminar flow wing. A new arrester hook assembly was added to Spiteful RB520 and this new prototype first flew in 1946.
Production of this aircraft never commenced, however, the Seafire Mk47 was deemed to be adequate quite apart from the new jet aircraft Meteor and Vampire were now available.

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