Ship to ship transfer

Geoff Stephenson

Ship to ship transfer

A ship to ship transfer, lots of spectators, could be a stretcher, could be materials, hard to tell.

The pennant number is barely distinguishable, but appears to be L60 which would make her the Hunt Class Destroyer HMS Mendip. After the war she was lent to the Chinese Navy as LIN FU, then sold to the Egyptian Navy in 1949 as MOHAMED ALI EL KEBIR, renamed ABRAHIM EL AWAL in 1951 and captured by the Israeli Navy in 1956 and renamed HAIFA, discarded in 1972
Doesn't appear to be a normal jackstay transfer, more like she is abreast a carrier or AMC and they are lifting provisions across using a crane.
She is abreast HMS Sheffield, perhaps they are using the crane that they would have on board for recovering the walrus aircraft.

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