MiG-21, MiG-17, F-16, A-10,

A right side view of aircraft in flight over the pyramids during exercise Bright Star `82. The aircraft are, from front to back: a MiG-21, F-16 Fighting Falcon, MiG-17 and an A-10 Thunderbolt II.
Location: EGYPT (EGY)
Date Shot: 01 NOV 1981Camera Operator: STAFF SGT. BILL THOMPSON
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Defense Visual Information Center

Just saw this picture - only 2 and a half years out of date!! That must have been some strange kind of excercise - what was the point in putting up those very old Migs - unless it was for a photo op such as this?
Maybe the Egyptians still used them when this pic was taken mate ?, dont know really but its a great picture (Y)
The third aircraft is not a MiG-17, but a MiG-15 UTI.
The only two-seater MiG-17 was built in China, Egypt never bought it. Besides it's too short to be a MiG-17.

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