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  • modern
    Photo depict the launch of a MGR-1 "Honest John" surface to surface missile (SSM) system by a german artillery unit.

    The MGR-1A/B SSM system (M31 & M50 versions) were in service with the west-german rocket artillery units (Raketenartillerie der Bundeswehr) from 1959 to the early 80s.
  • modern
    Yes, it's a Roland SAM... A Roland 2 system mounted on a MAN Kat 1A1 8x8 truck (15 tm) to be precise.

    German designation was: Flugabwehrraketensystem Roland auf Radkraftfahrzeug (FlaRakRad) auf einem geländegängigen Lkw 15t.

    The Luftwaffe had 95 units of this SAM system configuration...
  • Catherine (Kitty) Hannah JOLLANDS
    Catherine (Kitty) Hannah Jollands Nurse
    Died 8 July 1915 aged 21 years.

    Extract from Nottinghamshire Roll of Honour -
    Was born at Haxey in 1894 the daughter of Mark and Mary Jane Jollands (nee Swallow). She was from a large family having 8 siblings, Harry 1886, Ruth 1888, Thomas 1889, Agnes...
  • Spanish Civil War
    Heinkel He-70F-2 (14-56) from the Aufklärungsstaffel 88 (A/88) - Legion Condor.

    Photo taken around 1937 during first half of the Spanish Civil War, before the surviving Condor Legion's He-70 were transfered to the Spanish National Aviation the next year.
  • Rif war
    Spanish Army's Schneider 7cm T.r. Mod. 1908 (70/16) mountain gun.

    Mountain gun produced under license by the artillery factories of Trubia and Seville for the Spanish Army. They were used in action by the Spanish Army in the Rif War and by both Republicans and Nationalist forces during the...

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