Photos T-62 abandoned after hitting a mine - my first diorama


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Jul 10, 2016
It's not completed, but the tank is pretty well done with scratch built cope cage. This is an older Tamiya self-propelled kit with built in rack for C cell batteries. The big appeal was its sale price. No better than I do with model kits, I didn't want to mess up something like a Dragon "smart kit".

I mean it to represent a T-62 taken from long term storage and sent to the front for use as SP artillery and run by a mobik crew. I still need modeling clay for the base. As an aside, I noticed wifey's dead hearing aid batteries were about the right size for use as scale anti tank mines and will plant a few in the clay. Having never made a diorama before, this has been a learning experience. I figure another 2 or 3 weeks to finish it.
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Very nice. Regarding the use of batteries, no danger of the things corroding or leaking eventually?
Progressing slightly. Found a base and modelling clay - added the tank and hearing aid battery/mines. I have more modeling clay and will try to add a deserted trench on an edge. Also need to add grass, trees and broken underbrush. I have no experience with modeling clay and hope it can be made more formable after heating slightly. Again, this is my first diorama, and it's really a learning experience.
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This finishes the diorama. I added underbrush, grass and trees. I always want to do more, but I've found when it doesn't look too bad, just leave well enough alone and move on to the next project. I got a rechargeable air brush for Christmas and plan to use it on my next kit - a G4M bomber with Okha rocket suicide bomb. That should also be quite a learning experience.