43 Gemechaniseerde Brigade (43rd Mechanized Brigade), eFP NATO, Battlegroup Lithuania, December 2021

Little background info, this was during basic training. The new, and young, soldiers have to make a ''floating package'' of their equipment to make an improvised water crossing. We put a stuffed crocodile on the drainage pipe and told the soldiers that someone had probably kept that crocodile as pet and when it got too big had set it free in the pond. We also told them that they had to be very quiet with entering the water and swimming/talking, because if the crocodile disappeared into the water we would not know where it was and that would be dangerous for them. So they had to be as quiet and careful as possible. We didn't believe they would fall for it but they did :oops: The guy on the pic is one of the sergeants ''checking the water''.

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real crocodile?
@ao_sepia: no, an very old taxidermy crocodile my father brought back from south america when in the merchant navy. It sat for more than 40 years in the corner of my grandmothers home. But after my grandmother decided to wash it with lots of water ans soap ''to clean it'' it smelled a little bit. So I took it to my work to do fun things with it.
20100212_NLD_Oirschot_Leopard 2A6_KU8483.JPG

Leopard 2A6 of 11th Tank battalion Regiment Hussars van Sytzama.


Tarin Kowt, 2009. Two YPR-765PRGWT (medical transport variant) with the extra armour

2013_NLD_'t Harde_Cent mk.52_KX1030.JPG

Dutch Centurion tank waiting at 't Harde, Netherlands in 2013 to be moved to the impact area of the artillery range.
20100809 (2).JPG

August 2010. At the impact area of the artillery range at 't Harde, Netherlands a former Dutch army M4A1 Sherman tank


August 2010. A rather rare model, a RAM mk.2 tank at the impact area of the artillery range in 't Harde, Netherlands.

Tarin Kowt, 2009. Burning the sensitive papers


Dragoon ops, one of the sources of the sensitive papers.... The airmobile coy which was attached to our unit had a punishment for light offences which was one week staff duty at the ops. The one on the pic was our staff corporal and didn't see its duties as punishment ....

20090402_AFG_Tarin Kowt_bunker werkfabs.JPG

It was a rather ''strange'' unit, the staff was from 11th Tank Battalion but the battalion commander was an infantry LtCol which suddenly replaced the cavalry LtCol just before deployment. One of the attached coys was an Air Mobile unit, one coy was from the 17th Armoured Infantry Bn (Guard Fusiliers Princess Irene) and the last coy was from the 42nd Armoured Infantry Bn (Limburger rifleman (jager)). Because our regiments had a heavy dragoon heritage the radiocallsign of the ops was Dragoon. RHvS means Regiment Hussars van Sytzama which was a Frisian baron and founder of the Regiment.
2 Netherlands Lockheed Martin F-35A go to Bulgaria. .
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Dec 18th, 2013...Maj. Laurens Vijge, a RNlAF pilot, salutes his Lockheed Martin crew chief as he taxis out for the first flight in the F-35A Lightning II. Vijge became the first RNlAF pilot to fly the joint strike fighter and the flight marks the first sortie for the RNlAF here. [USAF photo by Samuel King Jr.]
NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Lithuania - Dutch Military Contingent, soldiers of 13 Lichte Brigade. Lithuania, February 2022.

NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Lithuania - Dutch Military Contingent, soldiers of 13 Lichte Brigade. Lithuania, February 2022.


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