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  1. CemalPasha

    Photos 1/72 Hasegawa F-104G Starfighter Turkish Airforce

    Via Burak Bedir
  2. Interwar equipment

    Interwar equipment

    French Bre-19 aircraft as sold to Turkey
  3. Chazman

    Mil News US Stops F-35 Parts Deliveries To Turkey

    I thought I'd start a new thread, eventhough I posted a similar story in the the Military News monster thread. Personally, I feel military news stories should have their own threads if we ever hope to have interesting conversations about them here. When placed into a monster thread, they simply...
  4. Turkish_Air_Force_McDonnell_Douglas_F-4E_Phantom_II,_Istanbul_Aviation_Museum


  5. Turkish F-16D Refueling from KC-135R

    Turkish F-16D Refueling from KC-135R

  6. DENO

    Photos Turkish Military Forces

    Trainees of the Army Isparta Mountain & Commando School during close quarters combat training. images courtesy of Deno in another forum
  7. Turkish Stars, Turkey

    Turkish Stars, Turkey

  8. F4E


    Turkey F4E copyright 1998 Michel Klaver http://www.vogue-web.ch/phantom/