supermarine walrus

  1. RAF Walrus - seaplane

    RAF Walrus - seaplane

  2. Walrus


    Walrus coming alongside HMS Sheffield for recovery.
  3. Dead Walrus

    Dead Walrus

    A sad end to a Walrus from HMS Sheffield. Piloted by Lieutenant John Groves on a search for a missing freighter (Highland Brigade)the Walrus came to grief during the recovery operation, and was destroyed by the Sheffield's pom pom crews just after the photograph was taken.
  4. Ready to hook on.

    Ready to hook on.

    I don't know whether I'd like his job, that prop is still turning.
  5. Plane Recovery

    Plane Recovery

    HMS Sheffield getting ready to recover its' seaplane.
  6. Catapult


    Another good take off from The Shiny Sheff.
  7. Bumpy Landing

    Bumpy Landing

    This is why the pilots didn't like an audience at take off and landing.
  8. Catapult Launch

    Catapult Launch

    Lovely take off from HMS Sheffield. I read somewhere that the pilots used to complain because of the number of spectators lining the decks in anticipation of a spectacular dive.