1. Lorna Jean GREGORY

    Lorna Jean GREGORY

  2. Frederick Warren FISHER

    Frederick Warren FISHER

  3. William George  HOBBY

    William George HOBBY

  4. John Sinclair GIBBS

    John Sinclair GIBBS

  5. Thomas Alan Norman FORSYTH

    Thomas Alan Norman FORSYTH

  6. Percy John WHITHORN

    Percy John WHITHORN

  7. Walter Edward NEWMAN

    Walter Edward NEWMAN

  8. Ernest George HOBBY

    Ernest George HOBBY

  9. Eric William Richard MAWHOOD

    Eric William Richard MAWHOOD

  10. Cyril George HARDING

    Cyril George HARDING

  11. Edwin Andrew TROTMAN

    Edwin Andrew TROTMAN

  12. Herbert Edward Holme A'COURT

    Herbert Edward Holme A'COURT

  13. Stone with Woodford, Gloucestershire

    Stone with Woodford, Gloucestershire

    The roll of honour of the men from Stone and Woodford, Gloucestershire who served their King and Country