1. HMS Eagle (RO5) 1965

    HMS Eagle (RO5) 1965

    HMS Eagle (RO5) alongside Singapore Dockyard, Indonesian confrontation 1965
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    Other Post The effect of white women on Singapore soldiers

    Link here to story of a soldiers frustrations. We had an advantage over Depot and barrack based troops. At the Singapore Headquarters of Far East Land Forces, set in rolling parkland near the botanic gardens, there were employed a dozen or so white women, daughters of serving officers. White...
  3. Worcestershire Regiment, 1st Battalion

    Worcestershire Regiment, 1st Battalion

    Men who fell in Malaya 1950-1953
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  5. British Military Hospital Singapore

    British Military Hospital Singapore

    his is a photo of the BMH in Singapore taken in 1970 before the hospital was handed over to the local govenment. The building in the low left corner is the NAAFi with the single mens' accommodation on the top floor.
  6. BMH Singapore

    BMH Singapore

    British Military Hospital Singapore. The building in the bottom left corner is the NAAFI with the other ranks accommodation on the upper floor.