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  1. HorniePonie

    Photos CV 707 Vesikko 1/72 (Special Navy kit)

    I started a Finnish navy CV 707 Vesikko (a Special Navy Kit in 1/72) as a some sort of therapy project. The first impressions of the model were rather good - no bad flashes and the parts are quite straight. On the negative side there are no studs for alignment and there are a ton of 0.4-1.2mm...
  2. P-40 Flying Tiger of the Chinese Air Force

    P-40 Flying Tiger of the Chinese Air Force

    I dated a girl while in college whose dad had been a Flying Tiger, Chuck Hunter, and this plane was built as a tribute not just to him, but to Rober L. Scott, who was a hero of mine as a kid growing up. The diorama scene was built by me specifically for this aircraft.