sa80 assault rifle

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    Mil News SA80 Rifle gets an upgrade

    The SA80 is the designation for a revolutionary family of assault weapons. On its initial introduction, it proved so accurate that the Army marksmanship tests had to be redesigned. The SA80 A2 is being phased out for a new and improved SA80 A3. The Grenadier Guards, who have been the first...
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    Photos USMC & Royal Marines Shooting Comp

    The U.S. Marine Corps Shooting Team competes in Royal Marines Operational Shooting Competition
  3. British SA80 Rifle - Why The Hate? - YouTube

    British SA80 Rifle - Why The Hate? - YouTube

    British L85 Rifle otherwise known as the SA80 has been given a rough time in its time and its time to start standing up for this great service rifle for what...
  4. British Army 80's and beyond

    British Army 80's and beyond

  5. SA80 A2 LSW

    SA80 A2 LSW

    SA80 A2 LSW has a heavier and longer barrel allowing greater muzzle velocity and accuracy than the standard SA80. When fired from the integrated bipod and using the standard SUSAT sight, LSW is accurate and consistent. It is 95% reliable, better than any of its competitiors. Calibre 5.56...
  6. British Kit

    British Kit

    Osprey body armour next to a L85A2 assault rifle. Fitted to the armour is the issue medical pouch, and a Marconi Personal Role Radio.
  7. SA80_2


  8. Royal Marines in Action

    Royal Marines in Action

    Of note is the cover over the SA80 of the Marine on the ground
  9. LCpl Baker, Royal Marine Commando

    LCpl Baker, Royal Marine Commando

  10. L85 A2

    L85 A2

    Imagery from the RAF Photographers Competition 2005
  11. On Look Out

    On Look Out

  12. SA80


    This is the SA80 assault rifle employed by the British Armed Forces.It is of 5.56mm calibre. Notice the unique design with the magazine to the rear of the pistol grip.