1. w.e.moates

    Intro Introducing my Navy A**

    Navy Veteran joined over 21 years ago, proud AOrdy, served with VS-33 Screwbirds at NAS North Island. I am service connected for injuries received during duty and work with other veterans locally. I come from a long line of military service veterans, I'm our first female veteran for the family.
  2. POWELL, Oswald Vincent

    POWELL, Oswald Vincent

    He was killed by an explosion at the Royal Ordnance Factory, Swynnerton, Staffordshire on the 19th March 1945 aged 48. Husband of Elizabeth Frances. He was residing with his wife at 26. Parkville Street, Stoke on Trent Buried in Hartshill Cemetery, Hartshill, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire


    Finnish Defence Forces - Army - TEODOR telerob explosive ordnance disposal and observation robot, control unit.