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  1. Bombardier

    Photos Captain E.F GUERITZ- Unseen photos

    I am starting this thread somewhat prematurely but couldn't contain my excitement :) I have been contacted by a lady called Alison who has come into possession of an old trunk which was labelled Capt E.F GUERITZ RN, HMS Terror Singapore She has found in the Trunk a set of negatives and...
  2. BravoZulu

    Photos Navies Of All Nations

    Images of ships of war, from all nations, from the lowliest gunboat to the most glorious battleships of yore, be they from antiquity, the Age of Sail, or the modern era. Ship models, blueprints, and schematics are also accepted
  3. BravoZulu

    Photos WW2 US Forces

    A U.S. Army Air Forces Martin B-26G-11-MA Marauder (s/n 43-34565) from the 497th Bombardment Squadron, 344th Bombardment Group, 9th Air Force, enveloped in flames and hurtling earthward after enemy flak scored a direct hit on left engine while aircraft was attacking front line enemy...
  4. BravoZulu

    Photos WW2 British & Commonwealth Forces

    A shot-down Hawker Typhoon IB of 245 squadron RAF. The fuselage shows extensive flak damage and some blackening from fire. The aircraft still bears its invasion stripes from the D-Day landings and in the foreground is a 3 and a quarter inch (60 pound) rocket. On 2 August 1943, Hampden torpedo...
  5. Salvatore ZARB

    Salvatore ZARB

  6. Saumarez & Volage Memorial

    Saumarez & Volage Memorial

    Memorial stone unveiled in 1987, listing the casualties of the mining of the 2 destroyers in the Corfu Channel, 1946.
  7. Saumarez and Volage Graves

    Saumarez and Volage Graves

    The British Cemetery, Corfu. Memorial and graves of victims of the mining of HM Ships Saumarez & Volage, in the Corfu Channel 1946, after it had been cleared. Albania was later blamed and held to account for re-mining the channel. Some of the first casualties of the Cold War?