egyptian air force

  1. F-4E_Egypt_347TFW


  2. ~Phoenix~

    Photos Egyptian Armed Forces Photos

    All discussions,news,photos and videos related to the military of Egypt. M1A2 SEP Main Battle Tanks belonging to the 4th Armored Division. Kira.
  3. Egypt Air Force

    Egypt Air Force

    Egypt Air Force CH-53 Seaking
  4. Tu-16


    Tu-16 in Egypt service
  5. Egyptian Sukhois Su-7

    Egyptian Sukhois Su-7

    1/48 OEZ kit with major workover
  6. Mirage 5

    Mirage 5

    Military personnel inspect an Egyptian Mirage 5 aircraft on display during the multinational joint service exercise Bright Star `85. Location: CAIRO WEST EGYPT (EGY) Date Shot: 01 AUG 1985Camera Operator: SGT. L.C. CLIPPER Defense Visual Information Center