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    Book 633 Squadron, Frederick E. Smith

    633 squadron submitted a new Review Item: 633 Squadron, Frederick E. Smith Read more about this Review item here...
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    Mil News Discovery of lost WW2 Mosquito plans

    Discovery of lost WW2 Mosquito plans will allow 'Wooden Wonder' to fly again A newly-discovered hoard of secret Second World War aircraft technical drawings will be used by enthusiasts to rebuild and launch a Mosquito plane into the skies above Britain. More than 20,000 wartime Mosquito...
  3. Mosquito FB Mk.XVIII

    Mosquito FB Mk.XVIII

    A Mosquito FB Mk.XVIII. The barrel of the 57mm cannon is clearly visible. External fuel tanks are fitted under the wing.
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  7. De Havilland Mosquito

    De Havilland Mosquito

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  9. De Havilland Mosquito IIF DD739 RX-X

    De Havilland Mosquito IIF DD739 RX-X

    A De Havilland Mosquito IIF DD739/RX-X of No 456 Squadron, flying from Middle Wallop, in flight. The censor has scratched out the wing-tip antennae of the Airborne-Interceptor radar. This item is available to share and reuse under the terms of the IWM Non Commercial Licence...
  10. "Highball" prototype bombs

    "Highball" prototype bombs

    in the modified bomb bay of de Havilland Mosquito DK290/G
  11. "Eyes of the Eighth" by Gil Cohen

    "Eyes of the Eighth" by Gil Cohen

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  13. DeROECK, Joseph Kevin

    DeROECK, Joseph Kevin

    Flight Lieutenant, Pilot, Royal Air Force. Son of Theophilis Everard and Mary. He died as a result on an aircrash whilst attempting a force landing near Bunny, Nottinghamshire. He was flying a Mosquito. The other crew member Sgt F W Hearn also perished Buried in Nottingham Southern Cemetery...
  14. Mosquito


  15. Mosquito


  16. Amiens Prison

    Amiens Prison

    On the 18th February, 1944, a group of brave young aircrew undertook one of the most daring low-level precision bombing operations ever mounted during World War II the breaching of the wall of Amiens Prison to release members of the French Resistance, condemned to death for their action in...
  17. Mosquito


    Mosquito in flight, over the clouds
  18. De Havilland D.H.98 Mosquito

    De Havilland D.H.98 Mosquito

    The Mosquito was a twin-engined aircraft of plywood monocoque construction, designed originally as a fast, unarmed light bomber. This concept was regarded as an aberration by the authorities, but the performance of the Mosquito silenced the critics. At night it operated with impunity over...