cyber warfare

  1. R73 FTW

    Hybrid War Multinational state-sponsored cyber attack news

    So, I was surprised to not see a dedicated thread where members can post various cyber attacks done by state-sponsored actors for either espionage or any other purpose. So, I created this thread?. Members are free to post news about cyber attacks and espionage campaigns carried out by any...
  2. Jake84

    Hybrid War US cyber-attack: Hack of government agencies and companies poses 'grave risk' US officials have warned that a sophisticated hacking campaign uncovered this week poses a "grave risk" to the government, critical infrastructure and the private sector. The US Treasury and commerce departments were among those attacked. The...
  3. Bombardier

    Hybrid War Hybrid War

    This is a new Forum that covers Alternative War or Hybrid War The definition as per Wikipedia of Hybrid War is: US military bodies tend to speak in terms of a hybrid threat, while academic literature speaks of a hybrid warfare. For the purposes of this forum, these terms will be used...
  4. rtomedic

    Mil News CYBERSECURITY in the NEWS

    Time is Running Out for Atlanta in Ransomware Attack Time is running out for the city of Atlanta, which was given until Wednesday to pay off the cyberattackers who laid siege to city government data and are threatening to wipe the computers clean. But, as Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Emily...
  5. Black Pawn

    Discussion about WWIII

    I suggest this this thread for discussions about possibility of WWIII, it's reasons, possible strategies of sides and so on... I suggest don't use language of hate - don't tell about "degenerated West population" or "corrupted Russian elites", avoid ideas of "quasitolkienism" with Russian as...