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    Mil News India,Pakistan & Sub Continent Military News

    For all Indian, Pakistan and sub continent news
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    Photos Swads - Special Warfare Diving And Salvage

    Here are some pictures of them.I'll post their info later.
  3. ~Phoenix~

    Photos Beauty Of Bangladesh

    Bangladesh may be very small in size and very densely populated,but that doesn't mean that the country does not have any natural beauty of its own.The country has the largest mangrove forest in the whole world,and also the longest sandy beach.Beautiful hills,elegant beaches,dense green...
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    Photos Bangladesh Military Photos

    Bangladesh started out on 16th december 1971 as one of the poorest nations on earth,with a poverty rate of 80%,now it had reached 33th largest economy ( by PPP ) and 44th ( by GNP ) and poverty rate reduced to 15%.It is the 7th most populous country,and the most densely populated country in the...