1. LuAZ-967 Amphibious vehicle

    LuAZ-967 Amphibious vehicle

    The LuAZ-967 , a small Soviet four-wheel drive amphibious vehicle. Light enough to be air transportable, it had a 400 kg (880 lb) payload over most terrain.
  2. tank T-37 Swimming (amphibious)

    tank T-37 Swimming (amphibious)

  3. U.S. Military Underwater Truck

    U.S. Military Underwater Truck

  4. Alvis Stalwart

    Alvis Stalwart

  5. Tonnerre & Landing Craft - French Navy

    Tonnerre & Landing Craft - French Navy

    The Tonnerre (L9014) is an amphibious assault helicopter carrier of the French Marine Nationale. She was launched on 26 July 2005 and joined active service in December 2006. The Tonnerre is equipped with combat detection systems linked to a SENIT 9 system that allows integrated sharing of...
  6. Pandur 6x6 Amphibian

    Pandur 6x6 Amphibian

  7. HMS Ocean

    HMS Ocean

    HMS Ocean an Amphibious Helicopter carrier, United Kingdom
  8. HMS Ocean

    HMS Ocean

    A LCVP from 9 Assault Squadron Royal Marines, Operating with LCU's from 539 ASRM at the rear of HMS Ocean an amphibious Helicopter carrier,Operation Telic - Iraq
  9. Stalwart


    Despite it's modern appearance, the first Stalwart in fact saw light of day way back in 1959. It was not, however, until 1966 that the vehicle entered service with the British Army. It's role was that of general amphibious transport truck, many units being fitted with a hydraulic crane and...