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    Mil News Interesting op-ed about Cobra Gold and COVID-19

    From an op-ed written by Marine Corps and Air Force veterans: "It's simply baffling that the U.S. military is still clinging to the barbaric killing of live animals in the Cobra Gold training that is more reminiscent of a frat party gone wrong than a military drill. ... Given all we know about...
  2. Air Force Memorial, Floriana, Malta

    Air Force Memorial, Floriana, Malta

  3. muck

    Question? Anyone having more info on this: US Army choppers beat US Air Force fighters in an exercise?

    Anyone's got a more detailed report? I can see how a modern attack helicopter could down a plane; a stinger missile is a stinger missile no matter the launch platform. They might even be able to score cannon hits on a subsonic plane, the heck do I know. But that weird-ass host suggests US Army...
  4. Gaz

    Photos Military aviation roundels

    Was posting some pictures earlier today and for the first time I noticed how cool the Irish Air Corps roundel is - I ended up taking a look at various ones though wikipedia - Feel free to post any pictures of aircraft with favourites...