Su22-M4   Fitter


Su22-M4 Fitter

Su22-M4 Fitter 8511
7-Plm Doll. 28-05-2003

Dear fap,
Small correction for this photo. Dol is written by one L.
DOL is special part of public road
Dear Polar,
A slip of my pen, but your right its: Dol on the Kliniska Highway
near Stettin (Szczecin)
So you guys have run ways that are also roads?. How are they controlled?, I mean you would not want a car driving down when you take off ;)
Dear Bombardier, I won`t believe this story?
what you see if your there on the Kliniska Highway
There are two roads, more a less the go in the same direcktion.
If "Dol" is there they close the road for a week for all the travic except, Airplanes. I think 2 and a half kilometer of runway on two sites a parkings. The last time there was some cross wint, tries, a lot of tries on both sites of the road, the aircraft move dangerly from left to right when the came between the tries and we stand so close, you veel them pass by!!!
with a 50 mm the are to close to you.
I most say very impressive, do belive me Polish pilots can realy Fly!!! :up:

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