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Jan 21, 2002
Although this is a webiste and would normally be placed in the 'Good Military Website' section I have been allowed by the WW2 Living History Association to use some of their photos so I think this is the best place for it.


This is how the Association describe themselves
We are an association of like minded hobbyists and militaria collectors whose prime aim is to preserve and display the weapons, equipment and personal items of the armies that operated in North West Europe during the second world war. We also remember the individual soldiers who fought during the second world war through the mediums of:

- living history displays

- educational presentations to schools

- public battle re-enactments

- private tactical training events

The World War Two Living History Association provides a portal for it's members to do this in a safe, professional, legal and respectful manner. One of our primary aims is to represent the combatant and non-combatant personnel in the most correct manner possible through dress and behaviours, so as to act as a living memorial to them. As we pursue these aims, we do not allow any political involvement to enter our actions.

You should visit them at

The photos below are copyright Barry James Wilson and no further use of these images should be made without prior permission.
(Thanks Barry for the use of these images)

ww2 living history 001.jpg ww2 living history 002.jpg ww2 living history 003.jpg ww2 living history 004.jpg ww2 living history 005.jpg ww2 living history 006.jpg ww2 living history 007.jpg
ww2 living history 008.jpg

The WW2 Living History Association are a member group of the National Association of Re-enactment Societies (NAReS)
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Nice to see good people having fun :D I´d love to see Victory Show one day... well, maybe next year? It´s been on my Bucket List for some time now.
The thing with this sort of thing is that it keeps the history alive and the effort these people put on is fantastic, not to mention the cost :)
Well, finally I´ve found some time and went through my photograph albums. I found some WW2 reenactment picts and a few videos me and my friends made. Enjoy :)

Battle of Kalište: is a regular event which takes place each year in August and commemorates the actual battle - which took place in Kalište in 1944 and its casualties not only among soldiers but civilians too, since the residents were accused of harboring partisans during the war, and as a result the village was destroyed, it´s residents shot or they had to flee for their lives.

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German SS division.jpg Kalište - villagers.jpg Kalište - villagers3.jpg Partisans.jpg Red Cross.jpg Slovak soldiers.jpg Slovak soldiers5.jpg
Great photos and really enjoyed the video @saiga
had a quick look around the web for the 'Battle of Kaliste' but didnt find much (was a quick look though) do you have any useful links for info?
Great photos and really enjoyed the video @saiga
had a quick look around the web for the 'Battle of Kaliste' but didnt find much (was a quick look though) do you have any useful links for info?

I checked, sadly nothing in English, only few articles (Slovak Spectator, wiki etc.) The SNU Museum has got only a Slovak website. But I found someone-something named Kalist VI and lots of Star Wars related stuff :D

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