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Photos WW2 Axis Forces

Hungarian anti-tank crew with a hungarian made 44.M grenade launcher,which was a simplified and lightened version of the german panzerschreck.Spring of 1944

Венгерский противотанковый расчёт с гранатомётом 44.М.jpg
Hungarian infantry with the anti-tank rifle - 20-mm PTR "Zolothurn" S18-100
Противотанковое средство венгерской пехоты — 20-мм ПТР «Золотурн» S18-100..jpeg
Danish volunteers of SS and Christian Frederik von Schalburg who was their first commander(he was later killed in the Demyansk Pocket)during Axis invasion in USSR
Christian Frederik von Schalburgwas flown by Junkers Ju 52 with parts of the corps into the De...jpg
Hungarians struggling with off-road in modern day western Ukraine
Hungarians and germans surrendered on the outskirts of Budapest
Hungarian machine-gunner armed with MG-30 at a defensive position in the Carpathians
Grave of a Hungarian soldier
«Becsulettel a Hazaert» («Родина и честь») – надпись на могиле венгерского солдата.jpeg
Hungarian soldier in winter of 1944-1945

Accompanied by other Portuguese and German officers, António de Spínola visits the Leningrad front in 1941. Spínola is the officer wrapped in an overcoat and with a dark bivouac on his head, in the last plane of the photo, on the left. The group observes a destroyed or captured Russian KV-1 tank.
Interesting vid!

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Romanian Mountain Hunters (Vânători de Munte) in Odessa - 1941

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