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Indian Military Couples
Indian Army Captain Supreetha (Military Police) with her Husband Major Jerry Blaize (MADRAS Regiment)

Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Chunauti Sharma with her Husband Major Sarabjeet Singh Arora (Indian Army SIKH Regiment)
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Republic of Ireland, 1916 Commemoration march 2024.
Irish 1916 Comm 2024.jpg

Commandant from AHQ (Army Head Quarters)

Parachute qualified and wearing a 10 year Service Medal, Irish Peacekeeping Medal, and a UNIFIL Lebanon Mission Medal.

Interesting that she wears the Irish Defence Force 10 year military service medal, this would indicate she came up through the ranks as normal Officers do not get a medal until they have 15 years served the design of the medal is the same, only it hangs from a Blue ribbon with a central yellow stripe, upon reaching 20 years service a bar is added to the ribbon.
Some American made a noteworthy post on Reddit about his sister who fights as a volunteer for Ukraine, sharing pictures of wounds she received from a mortar shell. Apparently, she was wounded in action before that.

The holes in her leg make for a graphic picture, so no direct linkage:

Kinda wish Western societies would recognise that lady as a role model for young women rather than those good-for-nothing tiktok influencer bitches to whom altruism is an utterly alien concept. By the way, I suspect that amongst the many lessons we learn in this war will be that Van Creveld was wrong about women in war. Seems like Ukraine has, all armed organisations considered, some 11.000 on the frontlines (about 6% of the contact force).

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