Video When a Mountain Comes down

colin traveller

Mi Field Marshall
MI.Net Member
Mar 8, 2018
Stunning Video ... only downside there is no sound .

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In Alberta we have the Frank Slide. In April 1903 half the Mountain went down. The railway was moved 900m away (on the photo the railway was in the background, near the river - the green band at the base of the mountain). Between 70 and 90 person were killed (mainly miners). On the ground it is impressive, the highway cut throw the debris (line in the middle of the photo) and you can see huge blocks of stone (10x10x10m). All the debris area is considered as a cemetery and no digging or whatsoever is authorized. On the far right of the photo there is a museum and interpretative site that explain how the mountain went down.
I made a lot of photos here, I will publish more from the ground.

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