Photos t55 and TI-67 differences

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Apr 11, 2021
surely you have asked yourself, what is the difference between a t55 or a ti67?
or that it is a ti67 or they tiran 5,The tiran-5 is an Israeli modification to the captured t55 tanks in the 6 day war:

the principally differences are:They changed the Soviet 100 millimeter cannon for an American 105 millimeter M68 cannon ( It is a rifled barrel, 51 calibers, with a range of 2500 meters, yankee version of the L7 from uk), it also has an Israeli shooting computer, but with the original sights of the T55, and the night vision devices are Soviet ( many publications say that they are Israeli night sights, but clearly you can see the IRL2AG, and the TPN-1 scope is a scope used by the pointer and is a panoramic scope, it also works as an active infrared sight, or intense active light efficiency), the anchor and the radio are Israeli ,the aiming system is also original is the telescopic sight TSH2B32p (soviet)(some ti-67s were equipped with turret azimuths of German origin )

also the engine tube is modificated to see up,the rest of the characteristics are the original ones of the t55,In addition to having a simple but great system NBQ protection system that protects the crew from overpressure, also have atmospheric protection, and being able to generate a dense smoke screen (injecting vaporized fuel into the escape sistem)and can be equipped with Israelite reactive armor.