Other Post Something I really admire about our members.

Derrick Stephenson

MI.Net Member
Feb 7, 2004
It is really heartwarming to me, how our members go from really serious things to trivialities and joking.
Never having been a member of the Military, it constantly amazes me how you People retain your sanity.
I salute you All.
Who said we retained it?:D The cap must fit me, eh? :D
I could get real philosophical here. But I won't. But for me personally, I use humor for a lot of reasons. I can hide behind it, relieve tension and it has always been a way to deal with life.
The thing I find with humour is that it is a great healer, when the chips are down crack a joke and laugh in the face of adversity. HA HA HA :lol:
You said it better than I could, Andy. I think thats especially true in the military.
I dunno, do we want to see Derrick cry? heh heh heh

Naw, just kiddin Derrick. You're one of the good guys too. :D
Derrick dont cry, you will short out your keyboard :roll: o-
Well put Derrick - I have to say that I totally agree with you.
Thanks, Derrick.

A sense of humor is a "Must Have" in the military. It will get you through a lot of tough times; it will keep you from saying something that you might regret; it can take the edge off of a serious situation that would otherwise become a real morale problem. It's the reason many of us DO have our sanity. Americans are expert at it. I'm sure that the Brits are too, knowing their sense of humor. It is especially important in a combat zone, but it takes on a darker face. We would laugh at, and joke about things that would shock "normal" people; dangerous situations, close calls, somebody getting wounded, even death at times.


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