Repatriation of 7 British Soldiers killed in Afghanistan 2010


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Jan 21, 2002
Tuesday 29 June, 2010

(Marine Paul warren is my Nephew R.I.P Spartan)

From operations in Afghanistan, the repatriation of:

a030363c23607cb569177c25295ebb65.jpgMarine Paul Warren (23), 40 Commando Royal Marines
Mne Warren was killed by an explosion on 21[SUP]st[/SUP] June, while serving with Combined Force Sangin, Sangin District, Helmand Province.

139f7c0e67789c05a97779d28cdba2c1.jpgLance Corporal Michael Taylor (30), 40 Commando Royal Marines
LCpl Taylor was killed in a fire fight with insurgents on 22nd June 2010, while serving with the Combined Force Sangin, Sangin District, Helmand Province.

a294cb919655ce0cf39e3b2c5e4b5d67.jpgSergeant Steven William Darbyshire (35), 40 Commando Royal Marines
Sgt Darbyshire was killed in a fire fight with insurgents on 23rd June 2010, while serving with the Combined Force Sangin, Sangin District, Helmand Province.

9d2811775f051e32796b2498ad57d21f.jpgColour Sergeant Martyn Horton (34), 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Battalion, Mercian Regiment

dae9a67975d3e4190cee226629022be4.jpgLance Corporal David Ramsden (26), 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment

2b7542f8a500f8ea425326bc22554483.jpgPrivate Douglas Niall Halliday (20), 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Battalion, Mercian Regiment

alex-isaac-300-83030958.jpg Private Alex Isaac (20), 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Battalion, Mercian Regiment

The above four soldiers died when their armoured vehicle went off the road and capsized in the adjacent canal, near Gereshk, Helmand Province, on 23[SUP]rd[/SUP] June, 2010. There was no enemy activity in connection with this incident.

Service veterans and members of the public turned out in the following “stations of vigil” to pay their respects to the fallen as the cortege made its way on the 47 mile route from the point of arrival at RAF Lyneham to the John Radcliffe Hospital at Oxford. The passage of the cortege was a few hours later than usual. I was told that it was mainly because the aircraft bringing the fallen home flew to Birmingham first, to transfer seriously wounded soldiers to the Birmingham hospitals.

Wootton Bassett - Town Centre (7 to 7.24pm)
This report from Duncan Wolsteholm
Seven members of the armed forces were repatriated to the UK today. About 2,500 people lined the High Street, in places six deep.
Paying their respects were Cllr Mary Champion, Mayor of Wootton Bassett and her consort, and Cllr Jefferson Horsley, Mayor of Taunton Deane (the home of 40 Commando RM). Alongside the families and friends of the soldiers was a contingent of Royal Marines from 42 Commando RM in blues and 16 RMA veterans in berets. The RBL Bikers were strongly represented as were the local veterans and four Town Criers in their official regalia. Several uniformed service personnel were visible, including two RAF officers.
40 standards were paraded:
Royal British Legion Laundon, Devizes, Potterne, Swindon, Hungerford, Dursley & Cam, Abertillery, Brackley, Woodchurch, Braunston, and Kingswood and Hanham.
Association standards: RMA Mid-Devon, Bath, Bridgewater and Bristol, The Commando Veterans Association, The Mercian Regiment Association Stockport, The Cheshire Regiment, the Cheshire Regiment (Stockport), RNA Swindon, Calne and Exeter, Royal Army Service Corps (Aldershot), Royal Observer Corps (12 Group), The Dorset Regiment Gillingham and Sherborne, The Rifles Dorset and Somerset, The Canal Zone, The Royal Regiment of Wales (Old Comrades), The Parachute Regiment, Cwmbran Ex-Servicemen, The Aden Veterans, 43[SUP]rd[/SUP] Wessex, 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Royal Irish Rangers, RAFA Corsham and Taunton Deane, and the Air Training Corps Lyneham.

Gable Cross Police Station - On the A420 just east of the junction with the A419 (7.47 pm)
This report from Dusty Miller, RMA Deal Branch
There were 10 Royal Marines veterans from the Deal Branch of the RMA on parade, with about 70 members of the public in the immediate vicinity, though many others lined the route in either side of Gable Cross. The Association standards of RM Swindon, RE Swindon, the Green Beret Association, the Royal Signals and the RAF Lyneham Old Boys were in attendance.
Additionally, 40 police officers paraded, under Chief Inspector Button.

At the Road Bridge - over the A420 between Shrivenham and High worth (1510)
Report by Derrick Jeans, RAFA
22 people stood at the road bridge over the A420, to pay their respects to the long cortege as it passed by at walking pace. Oncoming traffic stopped as the cortege approached.

United Kingdom Defence Academy - at the Watchfield Roundabout on the A420, adjacent to the UKDA. (8.10 pm)
Report by Jim Hawkins, RMA
There was a very good turnout at the roundabout outside the Defence Academy - over 140 in tolal. There were 12 RM veterans with their ladies, and including two veterans from Deal, Kent. As always, we were joined by veterans of the Royal Berkshire Regiment, the Royal Artillery and the Korean War.
Standards paraded were RMA Poole & District and Guildford branches and Bob Martin with the standard of the United States Marine Corps League, Detachment 1088. Bob’s a Vietnam War Veteran but has lived in the UK for the last 40 years.
Uniformed officers included Commander Craig Wood RN and 2 Lieutenant Commanders RN, Lt Col Cook RM with 5 Majors RM, a Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Engineers, two Captains, Royal Logistic Corps, a Major RMP, a Major (APTC?), an officer of the 4[SUP]th[/SUP] Medical Regiment, RAMC, 5 Wing Commanders and a Squadron Leader RAF.

There were about 100 Academy staff and members of the public on the roadside with us.
The salute to the cortege was ordered by WO1 Stuart Simpson, RRS, the Academy Sergeant Major. Sadly, we will be losing “Stu” shortly, as he’s being commissioned and assigned to the 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Royal Welsh. We look forward to meeting his replacement as Academy RSM, WO1 Mark Hannington, Mercian Regiment.
After the event, the RM veterans at Gable Cross drove over to join us. It was good to see them, even though some (mostly 70 - 80 years old) had driven 200 miles to be there today and wouldn’t get home until well after midnight. “Whatever it takes, whenever; we’ll be there”.

Folly Hill Lay-by - east of Faringdon on the A420, just north of the A417 junction
This report by Joy Blake
About 300 people attended the three vigil points at the Faringdon Folly Hill lay-by, Fernham Road junction and the Stanford Roundabout. Almost 200 of these were at Folly Hill lay-by, but due to the late timing, it gave the opportunity to people who work and are normally unable to meet to show their respect to the soldiers returning from Afghanistan.
As well as many veterans, the townspeople, the Faringdon Branch of the Royal British Legion were joined by members of other branches, the community police, the Faringdon Fire tender with crew, the Faringdon Town Mayor (Mrs Margaret Barker), the Wantage Town Mayor (Mr Jim Sibbald) and the Chairman of the Vale branches of the RBL (Mr David Drew). Regular service personnel were also present, as were the families having serving personnel at home and abroad.
Many vehicles stopped on the roadside as the drivers realised what the meeting was about and the cortege passed us by at 8.20 pm, making its way to John Radcliffe Hospital.
Standards on parade were the Union flag, Royal British Legion Faringdon, Bampton, Beedon, Highworth, Shrivenham and Wantage, the RAFA from Carterton and Brize Norton. The Wantage RN Veterans Association standard was carried by John McDonnell (ex-RM) from Henley-on-Thames, by kind permission of Bill Walsh, the normal RN standard bearer.

John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford - near St Anthony Padua Parish Church, Headley Way.
This report from John Walker RDG
We here in Oxford at The Final Turn stood to honour the above soldiers.
There were 12 Royal British Legion standards: Oxford City, Marston, Islip, Littlemore, Headington, Chalgrove, Wheatley, Kidlington (Womens Section), Bicester, Hazelmere, Witney and Bodicote.
Association standards included: Coldstream Guards, Canal Zone (Oxon), Royal Marines/Royal Navy Association, RM Windsor, St George Society and the banner of the Royal Dragoon Guards.

There were 55 veterans in berets and 40 others from all three services. The Oxford City Fire Tender with full crew (and their huge Union flag), with the Thames Valley Police on parade with us in additional to their normal duties. We noted that there was a very good number of serving personnel in uniform from all three services. Hilary Hibbert-Biles from Oxfordshire County Offices was there, with the Lord Lieutenant of Oxford.
The Oxford public in their hundreds came there to be with us at the Final Turn. It was two or three deep in places and all the way up the hill to us. There were many large Union flags on display. This was by far the largest crowd for a good while and started gathering at about 6 pm. The weather was still quite hot and we managed to keep most fed and watered, thanks to the veterans’ wives. Also thanks again to Ian (Ox & Bucks LI) for helping me put this list together.

The cortege passed us by at 9.10pm, just as the sun was setting, which made it very poignant. Sadly we know that we’ll be back again next week.

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