Intro RAF Dingli Cliffs 1972 Luqa UHF airfield comms


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Jan 13, 2024
When financial dispute resolved with Dom Mintoff, early 1972, the RAF returned to Malta. I arrived from Henlow in Mar/April 1972 on 3 year posting and assigned to RAF Dingli Cliffs to re-install new Ground to Air, British UHF Tx's sent out from UK RAF MU (with retrofit Mod kit upgrades to do). An Aerial Rigging team arrived to fit new feeders and aerials.
I found and rented a flat in St Thomas St, Rabat before my family arrived.
On site Initially, the NCO in charge was Joe Abela, other half remembered names are Dave Banks, Jimmy Mifsud.
Later I was posted to RAF Madliena to be i/c maintenance BUHF Rx comms co-located there on the main forward radar site. The radar site i/c Flt Salt, WO Lyons, & Sid Jump. In my radio section I was joined there by Viv Gribble & Speedy Vic Spiteri. et al.