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Sep 7, 2005
Okay im back in the quizes again so heres the first of many to come!

1)This British fighter was the first to be rocket/catapulted off of a merchant ship.
2)what aircraft was it made to intercept
3)The first British battle ship sumk by Japan was the __________
4)What is the most famous U.S.Navy aircraft manufatcturer
5)What is AWACS, Name 5 awacs aircraft
6)What aircraft is known as the Backfire?
7)What is the Russian counterpart to the B-1 lancer
8)What is the control system that allows humans to fly the B-2 hint Three Words
9)What is the Only aircraft able to intercept the SR-71
1. ?

2. ?

3. HMS Prince of Wales.

4. Grumman

5. Airborne Warning and Control System; E-3 Sentry, 767 AWACS, RAF AEW1 AWACS, Beriev A-50 "MAinstay", Grumman E-2 Hawkeye

6. Russian TU-22M Tupolev

7. Tupolev TU-160

8. fly-by-wire

9. MiG-25 Foxbat
1.Curtis 50 hp airplane from bow of USS Birmingham 14.11.10

WWII Hurricane (Hurricat)

2. FW200 Condor

4. Boeing
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