Question? Question for those of you who don't live in the U.S.


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May 31, 2004
Once again the controversy over gun control is being drug out by the lefties. They always point to GB and Australia as perfect examples of the peace and tranquility that follows elimination of all guns.

How has that worked for you?
All guns in the UK have to be licenced with the police and there are strict rules on how they are locked up. Saying that we still get gun crimes by illegal guns that are not registered with the police, though they are few and far between.

Some folks would like to see the police carrying side arms, but for most of us we believe that would cause the criminals to go out looking for guns to retaliate with.

From what we see on the TV and in the movies is a person in the USA walking about the streets with guns.

If people want guns, then let them have them, but the ammunition and the firing of the weapon should be done at a gun club.

The way I see it, the Americans say they have the right to bear arms. This was correct 200 years ago, but the trouble is, as the country progressed and become more peaceful, the laws have not been amended to suit present day standards of living.

Just my own thoughts on your question.

Well said Silky. However, the guys who wrote our Constitution understood that the biggest threat people face is from their own governments, that is the main reason for the second amendment, according to Jefferson.

As Im sure most of you are aware I am a cop in the UK.
If I were told that I had to carry a firearm I would be very unhappy, not because I dont like guns, I do very much.
The theory in the UK police is that if cops carried guns then the criminals would step up the anty and carry them more regularly to avoid apprehension
Cops losing the guns to criminals would also be a big issue.
In the Uk we are not familiar with the carrying of guns and the mentality of most citizens is that we should not ever do so.
Most of the guns in circulation in the UK are in fact replicas or gas guns , which have been converted, getting real firearms in the UK is very difficult so the crimnals exploit weaknesses in the law to get guns like the aforementioned replicas/gas guns in for conversion.
The problem in The USA is that your people are very used to guns and it is, if I may say, a part of your culture and not just your constitution .

It would ve easy for muself and all others who actually like guns to say that "Guns dont kill people, people kill people" but unfortunately the only way to prevent those that would use them wrongly committing these terrible acts against the innocent is to restrict the availability of them. this will not stop it completely of coyrse but may go some way in helping reduce the likelyhood.

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