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The site of the crime was a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses. The perpetrator, who died by his own hand, was a member there.

May his victims rest in peace.

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:oops: WTF....
This is a bizarre case:

50 truckers from Poland have been on strike at a motorway rest area in central Germany. The men say they're owed months of wages and demand better working conditions. On Good Friday, the haulage firm's owner came over from Poland in an armoured vehicle with a crew of security workers in paramilitary garb to force a hand-over of his stranded trucks. He also brought in replacement drivers who later told German authorities that they'd been virtually dragged from their own trucks while they were resting. The owner and his goons only stood down after a company of riot police threatened to use batons against them. They were arrested. According to Polish media, there is another strike going on in Italy involving the same company, which employs some 1000 drivers mainly from the former USSR, Nepal and the Philippines. (Source, German)


Sounds like a case straight out of Jimmy Hoffa-era America. Did he really think he'd get away with that kind of behaviour?

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Family of Kiwi man Christian Glass who was killed by US police gets $30m settlement

The parents of a 22-year-old Kiwi man killed by a sheriff’s deputy while suffering a mental health crisis will get US$19 million (NZ$30.27m) from US government state and local agencies and changes to how officers are trained, under a newly-announced settlement.
The shooting of Christian Glass after his SUV became stuck in the mountain town of Silver Plume last year drew attention in the US and New Zealand and prompted calls to reform how US authorities respond to people with mental health problems.
As part of the settlement, Sally and Simon Glass also negotiated for changes they hope will prevent another family from suffering a loss like theirs.
Clear Creek County will establish a crisis response team and its sheriff’s office will train and certify all deputies in crisis intervention, according to documents released by their lawyers.

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