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Dec 19, 2004
Can anyone name the ship and the location


The thumbnail is linked to a larger image
Could this be the Prinz Eugen when she was blockaded at Brest?
Hmmmm?, Im no Battleship expert and as such would be inclined to agree with rotorwash with the "Prinz Eugen" but as im a daring devil Im gonna say that its the German Battleship Gneisenau in drydock, and probably also at Brest when she had her engines overhauled ? :mrgreen:
You got the location, I think it was the only dry dock that could take this size of ship..... Now for the name of the ship?
Tirpitz ?? :shock:

Oh yeah and congrats on your promotion buddy
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I think you're right Bomber, the Tirpitz and Prinz Eugen were from the only two classes of German ship that had two guns each in four turrets. What made me think she was the PE was the scale of the Arado float plane and the cranes, they look too large for the T. I also don't think her midship lines are consistent with the T, she seems too narrow across the beam.

Sorry not the Tirpitz or the Prinz Eugen :lol:

Clue - it was taken in the early years of the war.........
AdmiraL Graf spee ? think I spelt that right :mrgreen:

She was sank off montevido in 1939 :mrgreen:
Half way there you got the Admiral right..... :p
well then it would have to be the Admiral Hipper

Laid down: Blohm & Voß Hamburg, 06.07.1935
Launched: 06.02.1937
Commissioned: 29.04.1939
Fate: blown up 03.05.1945 (Kiel Shipyard)
Costs: 85,8 Mio Reichsmark

KptzS Hellmuth Heye: 29.04.1939 - 03.09.1940
KptzS Wilhelm Meisel: 04.09.1940 - 10.10.1942
KptzS Hans Hartmann: 11.10.1942 - 16.02.1943
KzS Fritz Kraus: Feb. 1943
KptzS Hans Henigst: Mar 1944 - May 1945

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Sorry Gents,
Its the Prinz Eugen & not KMS Admiral scheer or Deutschland or kMS Lutzow as these ship had one turret forward and one aft sporting 3x 11" guns & not two as shown in the photo.


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