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Admin Military Photo Naming Volunteers


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Jan 21, 2002
We have many thousands of images that do not have the correct name attached to the photo upload

I understand how it happens and how difficult it can be to rename all your files prior to upload, (especially when uploading many files at at a time)

What we are looking for is people who will be kind enough to name the photo in the comments box.

Two things we would look for are 1/ a name for the military photo 2/ a desription if one is available.

This is something I do on a regular basis but it is never ending .

I use tow tools to help me identify an image

1/ http://www.tineye.com/ This is a reverse image search that looks for similar copies of the photo online and there the name and possibly the description can be found.
2/ https://images.google.co.uk/
google reverse image search.png

Why is it important?
Because Google and other serach engines do not understand what an image with a title Scan0001.jpg is, but if the upload has a name the search bots can find it easily.

Why put all that effort in to naming images?
Because the more google spiders and then indexes,the more people find us on searches which, results in more members/users and more member contribution, it benefits us all who seek more knowledge of the Military.

You dont have to enrol or anything just post the name and description if possible. (need to be a member though)

What do I get out of it?
More likes, Trophy points etc increasing your social standing on MI.Net.

Perhaps in time I could create a usergroup for those most interested and award a usergroup banner on your usertitle.

Lets see how we go.

Dont forget if you cant find an image with title and description or you just dont know, a title like "Tank on a hill WW2" is better than "scan0001".

It doesnt matter if you use un associated file name we will get around to naming them eventually.

Enjoy people
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Just started identifying some military motorcycle photos, I prefer to use the Google reverse image search mentioned above, the tineye website does not provide as many results.
Just put the name of the aircraft into the comments box and your done. As long as the name is on the page of the image it works. Thank you buddy
For anything aviation-related, I can do that, if it helps. :)
I know every aircraft since 1945 and a little less about those before 1945.

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