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Feb 19, 2010
From 25 to 27 February 2018 in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) the international exhibition of unmanned systems Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference (UMEX-2018) was held. Among other things, the exhibition presented a significant number of ground robotic and bezekipazhny systems.


Serbian military-industrial association "Jugoimport-SDPR" robotic caterpillar platform. The weight of the device is 400 kg. In addition to optoelectronic equipment, it is equipped with weapons in the form of a 7.62 mm machine gun and a 40 mm grenade launcher. The robotic means is controlled remotely. The duration of work from the batteries is at least two hours.


At the stand of the emirate group International Golden Group (IGG) was shown an updated version of the robotic means Fantom, created by Ukrainian developers. The device weighing about 650 kg on a chassis with a wheel formula 6x6 uses a hybrid engine. The power reserve is 20 km. The means are controlled by a radio channel at distances up to 10 km, or by fiber-optic cable at distances up to 5 km. As reported, the system is intended for transport tasks, including the delivery of weapons, ammunition, food and evacuation of wounded, as well as some combat missions, for which the "Phantom" is equipped with a machine gun of 12.7 mm caliber, as well as anti-tank missile system


was shown more recent development of Ukrainian engineers - Fantom 2. This is a heavier device weighing about 2600 kg also on a wheeled chassis with four-wheel drive, but with the formula 8x8. The device is equipped with an installation B8V20-A, which is a 20-barrel unit for unguided missiles of caliber 80 mm. In addition, it can also be equipped with a twin automatic cannon of caliber of 23 mm. It is planned that this machine will be able to hit various targets, including armored vehicles, fortified points, the enemy's living force, etc., and also will be able to deliver the goods. The device is controlled remotely with ranges similar to the first version


A well-known multifunctional remote control complex for demining MV-4 from the Croatian company DOK ING was shown. It is equipped with a trawl or rivet, which allows trawling at a depth of up to 32 cm. It can also be optionally equipped with a gripper. The complex's capabilities make it possible to carry out demining, including from anti-tank mines up to 2200 sq. M. territory per hour. Remote control is carried out at a distance of up to 1.5 km


Systems of the Australian company Marathon Targets. It offers ground-based robotic target systems T30 and T40. According to the company's representatives, they provide more realism in carrying out various trainings in comparison with traditional stationary targets


The Estonian company Milrem Robotics showed at the exhibition a new modification of its famous robotic crawler vehicle THeMIS. The new version has been refined from the point of view of application in conditions of desert and hot climate. As a result, the size of the platform was increased to accommodate various equipment or combat load, cooling systems were added


Modular armed robotic system MAARS (Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System), created by the North American division of the British company QinetiQ (QinetiQ North America) commissioned by the US Army. The platform on the crawler chassis carries optical and thermal sensors, a laser rangefinder, as well as communication facilities. In addition, MAARS can be equipped with a 7.62 mm machine gun and a 40 mm caliber launcher for firing smoke, lighting, teargas or high-explosive fragmentation grenades


The compact robotic intelligence system Dragon Runner 10. QinetiQ North America was created in conjunction with the American National Robotics Engineering Center and the Carnegie Mellon University, commissioned by the US Army. The system is designed to conduct a variety of reconnaissance, assault and other special operations. The weight of the device is 6.4 kg. On the platform there is a mast, on which are installed video cameras and various sensors


Created by QinetiQ North America in the development of the previous model, the robotic system Dragon Runner 20 is designed for reconnaissance and demining. The project was implemented on the instructions of the US Marine Corps. The mass of the robotic means, on which the cameras are installed, operating in the visible and thermal ranges - just over 9 kg. To improve cross-country ability, caterpillar extensions


Portable robotic ground vehicle PUGV (Portable Unmanned Ground Vehicle) of the South Korean company LIG Nex1 (part of the LG group) at the EARTH stand (Emirates Advanced Research and Technology Holding). Portable portable one-serviceman system allows you to carry out reconnaissance and surveillance tasks, as well as perform manipulations with various potentially dangerous items, for example, improvised explosive devices

(c) Denis Fedutinov
(c) Денис Федутинов
Anything that could save a soldiers life is worth investing in as far as I'm concerned!, great pics @diman
Meanwhile, at the Boston Dynamics shooting range. Rise of the Machines is near?

The action right at the end is a little frightening.

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