Mil News 'Dismal failure' at Arnhem Bridge


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Feb 29, 2004
After General Montgomery's daring operation to cut World War II short by forcing a narrow corridor from the Netherlands into the heart of Germany he praised the survivors.
He wrote: "There can be few episodes [in the annals of the British Army] more glorious than the epic of Arnhem...

"In years to come it will be a great thing for a man to say: 'I fought at Arnhem'."

The beginning of the operation had the markings of success.

Soft landing

London resident Joe Michie, now aged 84, was a sergeant in the Glider Pilot Regiment.

On 17 September 1944 his Horsa glider carried a gun and a trailer for the South Staffordshire Regiment.

Archival footage of the Arnhem landings shows the gliders being towed from Britain to the Netherlands by Halifax or Dakota aircraft.

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"In years to come it will be a great thing for a man to say: 'I fought at Arnhem'."

A true statement. It was/is. Operation Market Garden was the biggest Airborne Assault made in the war. Each country, England, Poland, and the U.S. had much to be proud of of their respective paratroopers. There were some amazing accomplishments made, despite the odds and circumstances, by each unit. There were also many acts of personal sacrifice and heroisms performed in each unit. Some tough men. These were the role models that made me want to become a paratrooper. The book/movie "A BRIDGE TOO FAR" is the best account of this operation and, in my opinion, of WWII paratroopers.

The Brit paratroopers had the toughest job of holding the farthest bridge until support and relief got to them. They were stranded there for 9 days, a long time for airborne light infantry troops. The fighting was bloody and the casualty count was huge. A sharp Airborne hand salute to these brave men sal; . I'm proud to have a small kinship with these men.

Also see my post about PFC Joe E. Mann in the WWII Forum.