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Apr 29, 2016
Who wouldnt want access to these cool guns and a great place to fire them. Unfortunately here in the UK gun laws are very strict and I am envious of the people who own these guns.
The images are courtesy of Santana, I thank him very much for permission to use them.
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IMG_1558.jpg IMG_1560.jpg IMG_1561.jpg IMG_1562.jpg IMG_1572.jpg IMG_1575.jpg IMG_1579.jpg IMG_1600.jpg IMG_1634.jpg
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Fantastic Santana is a lucky man, great photos
Santana tells me the guns belong to his friend who also owns the range, he went there for a shoot by invitation. Still lucky all the same eh
Now then, as I am not a gun expert who can name them all? :cool:
The Silver Revolver is a Colt Python .357 Magnum

Freakin Awesome looking weapon :cool:
Nice pics but like most in the UK my experience with guns rests with weapons I have fired during military service like the 9mm SMG, 7.62 SLR, SA80, LMG, 9mm Browning pistol etc.

I did notice on the 4th picture that the name INDUMIL was stamped onto the pistol grip. This is apparently a Colombia Company run by the Colombian Government
Not sure what type or Caliber though?

******Corrected the spelling of Colombia********
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Here is a pic of a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum form our galleries

Seems to be a little stubby compared to the Colt
Hey @BrassMonkey you spelt Colombia incorrectly so I have corrected that for you.

Santana has informed me that the Colombian made pistol its called CORDOVA and is 9mm you are correct that it is made in Colombia by INDUMIL.
INDUMIL its the military Industry belong to the Colomban Defense Ministry.
Sorry about the Colombia mistake I hope he was not too pissed with me, I know how I would feel if somebody spelt England wrong :mad:

Thank him for the information about the Cordova 9mm
Well gents, went back to the Shooting range
Here are the pictures

Photos not recoverable fromthe Postimg website , sorry mate
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Now that looks like fun buddy
Well it was, this time we shot a range of western guns, including the revolver and the rifle. just wondering if any one knows the type and name (brand) of the Silver revolver???
Colt Python was my first thought but looking at the marking on the pistol grip I going with Smith and Wesson, hopefully somebody with more experience will inform us better, firearms are not my strong point.
Yes I would say Smith and Wesson too but like @Bombardier I am no expert.

Here is a photo of a Smith and Wesson .357 and it looks remarkably similar
Yes my friends its confirmed its a Smith and Wesson .357
Córdova Pistol Estándar: 9x19mm
Made in Colombia by Indumil with IWI Licence

Photos not recoverable from the postimg website
Sorry @santana
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Is this true ???

"postimg.ORG domain is locked by Registry, no prior notice.
While we hope to resolve the issue, we chose postimg.CC as our new home.
Please update codes embedded in your websites."
Yes mate, dont use them they are rubbish. Try uploading directly to you post (as you did in your first post on this thread) :)

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