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Dec 27, 2004
He served as a Bomber pilot in WW1. While flying in a mission over Germany lines, his plane caught fire. Though he succeeded in landing it and saving the life of his wounded gunner, he was taken prisoner by the Germans.

In 1920 he was a member of volunteer flight squadron which supported the Polish Army in the war with Soviet Russia. On 26 July 1920 his plane was shot down and he spent nearly 9 months in the Soviet POW camp. After being sentenced to death, he managed to escape, walking 400 miles across hostile terrain. He was decorated Silver Cross of Virtuti Militari by Marshall Pilsudski.

In 1941 he was posted to the Flying Tigers of China where he become chief of staff. Despite his age, Cooper was determined to see action from a cockpit and not just a desk. This fighting spirit may have impressed those who served around him, but it caused problems with those above, who consistently blocked his promotion. It would not be until several years after the war's end that he would be promoted to the rank of Brigadier General, but by then he was back in Hollywood.

He was a producer over 60 movies. He was also writer, director, cinematographer and even actor (he was a pilot of plane that kills the biggest gorilla in the world :) ).
He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. !!!
That would be Merian C. Cooper
Birth name Merian Caldwell Cooper bou;

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Thanks mate, I like these little brain teasers :eek:

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