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Mi Field Marshall
MI.Net Member
Feb 2, 2018
Anyone following the goings on at BRICS? Essentially the CCP, Iran, Russia and Brazil want to de-dollar everyone and it appears that our oil producing "friends" in the Gulf are all in. It's a big deal.

If there's one thing where Trump was dead-on with his foreign policies, I'd say it's that the rise of China (and BRICS entire, particularly over these past twelve months) is our own fault. It's a clear and present result of our hesitation to take off the velvet gloves.

Take India, for example. Being in cahoots with Russia, India has been pursuing policies which do not just hurt our economic interests but actively undermine peace and stability in our neighbourhood. Remind me, why are we still transferring billions in foreign aid to India?

Carrot and stick, that's the formula here. If the one doesn't work we need to bring the other. Why, then, do our so-called leaders just stand there all puppy-eyed pleading with New Delhi not to side with Russia instead of offering a clear perspective coupled with an "… or else …"?

The answer is: The BRICS have adopted Russia's rubbish neo-colonialisation narrative (which is perhaps the only success of the Russian propaganda machine in this whole war), and our so-called leaders fear nothing more than to be accused of talking down to former colonies.

But this isn't about giving orders or denying sovereignty. The Indians are (obviously) entitled to pursuing whatever foreign policy suits their needs (within the framwork of international law, of course). But so are we.

The first round of the Cold War was won by America and the west precisely because even the most liberal and faint-hearted of Western governments were always very outspoken about one simple fact: You can't be our friend if you're friends with them.

That approach needs to make a comeback, in my humble opinion.
Well summarized muck.

I believe that the constant fear-mongering over the next 20 years past 9/11 of the Islamic threat by neocons was a fraud to begin with.

Nah, I’m not going to ramble as some Alex Jones « truther ».

However their neocons tirades about the imminent jihadist threat was BS, which of these Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa who’ve clearly made their move against our western values and interests are Muslims/Islam dominated?

I get it, Muslims are numerous in Europe and a tiny minority of them pose issues on our values, our way of living and democracies.

I’m more worried about the BRICS than Joe Kebab from the corner of the street.